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These refrigerators give the kitchen a trim look

Maybe there’s not a great deal of room in your kitchen and you could use an extra 8 or 9 inches of space between the fridge and the kitchen table. Or maybe your kitchen is large, but it bothers you to have the refrigerator reaching out from the counters and dominating the view. ?

When shoppers are choosing a new unit, they may not be aware that counter-depth refrigerators are available at appliance stores and department stores. Best Buy and Lowes, for example, have some in their stores. Online, they show a large selection, including French door styles, side-by-sides, and units with the freezer at the top or at the bottom.

They come in white and black as well as stainless steel. Depth, without the door handle, is from 23 1/2 to 29 1/2 inches. The height of various units is from 63 inches to 86 inches.

The GE Profile and others can be ordered with custom doors that will match your kitchen cabinets. They are available for 23 and 25 cubic foot sizes. The panels can be made acrylic, wood or almost any material you want. They slide easily into place.

Though customized counter-depth

refrigerators cost less than built-ins, they cost somewhat more than a conventional fridge.