The Latest at Kure Beach

CRC Approves Boardwalk Variance

The Town of Carolina Beach presented their Boardwalk Expansion Project to the CRC Board (Coastal Resources Commission) on Wednesday, February 26, 2014. The CRC voted to approve the expansion of the existing boardwalk to include doubling the width of the…

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K Street Repairs

K street repairs are almost done. The project was set up to do many things but the largest project was to place services under ground and continue landscaping from the boardwalk through the business district. I went through today and…

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Beach Nourishment

The Carolina Beach Town Council would like to have a bill from the State legislature to allow towns to use the second 3% of their Room Occupancy Tax revenues (ROT), usually reserved for marketing by the Tourism Development Authority in…

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January Sales Data

Kure Beach Sales Statistics for January 2014 Homes 4 Homes/Condo Sales and 1 Land Sale 2010 Census show total population of Kure Beach was 1692 with an estimated 42% occupied and 58% vacant or vacation housing units. (supplied by the…

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