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‘Move Outside’ for fun and health

National Public Lands Day offers every adult and child in the United States a chance to enjoy the outdoors while doing meaningful work. They will be keeping the environment of our public lands safe and healthy.
Set for Sept. 24 this year, the theme is named “Let’s Move Outside,” by First Lady Michelle Obama. The program is led by the Department of the Interior, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service.
As a special feature of this year’s event, 100 water quality testing kits have been issued to site managers for checking sites across the land. The hands-on volunteer effort offers a way to enjoy familyhealthy activities and fun while promoting the stewardship of the lands, which are a sacred trust for all our citizens.

More than 170,000 volunteers are expected to participate in theclean-up. They will also be planting trees, repairing damaged hiking trails, and improving wildlife habitats and learning more about nature.
With the growing concern of childhood obesity, it is also a day that can promote exercise and healthy dietary habits.
Under the direction of site managers, volunteers assist in publicity for recruiting and managing workers as well as educating all concerned.  It’s satisfying to give something back to the land.

One special event this year, on September 24 and 25, will be California’s Fall Mountain Epic. It will feature the opening of the newly-created Mills Creek Trail in the Lake Basin Recreation Area near Gleneagles. Activities will include trail rides, swimming, working on the lake basin, fly fishing, canoeing and camping.
If you and your friends are interested in participating in an event, sign up at a local or national park.