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Kure Beach – No Thong Real Estate

If you have not heard then this will hit you where you live. Town of Kure Beach, NC  has banned the wearing of thongs.

There have been plenty of articles, interviews, emails and comments about the ban of thongs in Kure Beach. There was even a song written, the Kure Beach Thong Song. All sides of the political spectrum are lining up to comment. There are those that like to law and those that are shaking their heads.

No matter what side of the political issue you are on, all the attention and conversation has brought Kure Beach, NC into the forefront of conversation. It seems that young and old alike love coming to Kure and that is a good thing. Kure is a quiet wonderful place to set down some roots. With great beaches, even greater life guards (they are there in a heart beat) and great deals on Kure Beach Real Estate.

So weather you wear a thong or not, check out the Kure Beach Listings to see all homes and land available.