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CRC Approves Boardwalk Variance

The Town of Carolina Beach presented their Boardwalk Expansion Project to the CRC Board (Coastal Resources Commission) on Wednesday, February 26, 2014.

The CRC voted to approve the expansion of the existing boardwalk to include doubling the width of the boardwalk lane from 8 Ft. to 16 Ft., renovating the landscaped coves, adding wind sails for shading, benches, seating areas, swings, improvements to the sound stage gazebo including a new roof over the sound stage, and improved beach access points.

The CRC also asked the town to make one last attempt to work closely with one property owner north of the existing boardwalk to attempt the resolve outstanding issues and return to them to make a presentation at a future meeting. The CRC is supportive of the merits of the expansion project and is interested in giving the opposing property owner the opportunity to become a project supporter.

The Town has the support of residents and business owners who are excited to be able to offer an improved boardwalk providing visitors with a variety of recreational, cultural and educational amenities. The boardwalk has proudly been featured by CNN, FOX News and USA Today as one of America’s Most Awesome Boardwalks.

The town is moving forward with bidding out the entire project in the next month and looks forward to a showcasing a Boardwalk everyone will be proud of.

This is courtesy of a news release from the Town Carolina Beach.

If you are wondering why I have included this in Kure Beach info, it is because these two towns work closely together and work together on many events including parades and fireworks.