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Prevent Woodland Fires

Smokey the Bear says A great, crackling campfire is just what you need for your fun time out in the woods. But it is also a serious responsibility. Protect the woods you love by completely extinguishing your fire. Maintaining Your…

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Sweet Imagination:

Sweet Imagination: Mind over spoon Luscious chocolate sundae.  Just thinking about it makes your mouth water.                New information suggests that the surge of dopamine you get from the photo, is stronger that the sugar blast you get with the…

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Kure Beach Life Guards

It is after the season here in Kure Beach and the life guard crew is dwindling in numbers but not in service. It was a beautiful day today and a few people enjoying low tide. Most know to look for…

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Retirement Planning Mistakes

It’s satisfying to fill out one of those retirement plan calculators offered by investment and insurance companies. They can make you believe you will retire in style. But take care not to make miscalculations that could lead to a lower…

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‘Move Outside’ for fun and health

National Public Lands Day offers every adult and child in the United States a chance to enjoy the outdoors while doing meaningful work. They will be keeping the environment of our public lands safe and healthy. Set for Sept. 24…

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