Buyer Do’s and Don’ts

Buyer Do’s and Don’ts

What you need to know to have a smooth buyers experience – Enjoy the Journey


Choose a licensed North Carolina Real Estate agent and Realtor® who can provide advice, leadership, and can walk you through the process. Find and agent you connect with and listen to you.
Prepare for this journey. Your Agent will provide a road map, but it is helpful if you do some work also. Spend a little time driving through neighborhoods and familiarizing yourself with the area. Only YOU will truly know what appeals to you.

As you search online, other Agents may contact you – be sure to let them know that you are already working with a real estate broker – even if you don’t have a signed Buyer’s Agency Agreement. Many Realtors® operate off of good faith and loyalty. If your real estate broker is providing you with good service, and keeping you up to date with the market, commit to them! Please keep in mind that your real estate broker is paid on commission only, after you close on a property. Even though they are providing a service to you, their commission is paid by the seller, so it costs you nothing to have dedicated service – we only ask that you be loyal as well.

Get a pre-approval. It is vital to the success of you journey to purchase a home that you know where you stand in regards to financing a property. It is a waste of your time, the seller’s time, and your Realtor’s® time to look at properties that you are not qualified to buy. Knowledge is power. Know your borrowing power before you start your search. Also, it is necessary to have a pre-approval letter from your lender to submit with an offer to purchase property in today’s real estate climate. Being pre-approved can help make your offer look better.


Don’t buy too much house. Remember that a higher price tag involves higher property taxes, insurance, upkeep, and rooms to fill with furniture. Stay within your comfort zone.